Useful information

What documentation must a buyer have when purchasing property in Croatia? 
A certificate of citizenship which can be a passport (verified copy) for natural persons, i.e. certificate of status of a legal person (excerpt from the company registry).

Can foreigners purchase properties in Croatia? 
Yes. First a consent must be obtained from the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of justice. Such a consent will be given to citizens of those countries that signed a treaty of reciprocity with Croatia. Pursuant to the latest Act of the Croatian government (2006), for all new applications only the consent by the Ministry of justice needs to be obtained.

Can foreign citizens sell properties in Croatia? 
Any legal or natural person can sell properties in Croatia without limitations.

What is the property purchase tax in Croatia? 
In Croatia every buyer must pay a 5% property purchase tax for each property purchase. This tax is calculated based on the contracted sales price of the property and based on official assessment of its market value by the tax authority.

When must this tax be paid? 
After execution of the sales contract the buyer must inform the authorized tax authority within 30 days to define the property purchase tax. The tax authority will issue a decision on property purchase tax, which is to be paid by the buyer within 15 days from the date of reception. After this term interest will be charged.

Does the owner (vendor) pay taxes? 
No. Pursuant to the valid law only the buyer pays 5% tax on property trade, if not contracted differently. The vendor has to pay profit tax though, if the property is sold previous to the expiration of a 3 years term from the date it was purchased. This profit tax is 35% on the difference in achieved price.

Does the buyer (together with the owner/vendor) has to verify the own signature before a notary public? 
Not necessary, but possible if the parties wish so.

What is the standard amount of deposit when executing a preliminary sales contract?
The usual amount of such a deposit is 10% of the contracted property price, but is also subject of individual agreement between the parties.

Can the sales contract be signed and verified in another country? 
Yes. The best place to do so would be a Croatian diplomatic office , Croatian embassy or consulate.

Can tax be paid in foreign currency? 
The tax is calculated in Croatian Kuna (HRK), so it only can be paid in Kuna, as official currency of Croatia.