A proposito di agenzia

​Ours is one of the first companies which in early 1990s specialized as a real estate agency. From the company founding in 1993, we have been coping professionally with a very demanding task. We have set our own rules and conditions which only now, 16 years later, have become obligatory for all, due to the recently passed Real Estate Agents Act. Since the very beginning we have had the Business Cooperation Agreement with the excellent law office Muškardin-Sacchi, which has been undertaking all legal actions on our behalf. 

In 1995 we were one of the founders of the first Real Estate Association in the Republic of Croatia, founded in Rijeka. 

Today we are members of the Real Estate Association's Board acting within the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and Davorka Budimir Turković is the president of the Association of Real Estate Professionals of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – County Chamber. 

We participated in all stages of making and passing the Real Estate Agents Act, trying to to give this profession the weight it deserves, and to grant our clients the indispensable security. 

Our agents are top-level professionals entered in the Agents Directory kept with the Chamber of Commerce. They are constantly improving their business skills by keeping pace with new regulations and business trends. 

A large number of satisfied clients which keep coming back to us are our best reference. 

Families grow and diminish, as well as businesses, bringing about the need to change your house or your office.

Therefore, if we have not met so far, ask your neighbours, friends, relatives, the Chamber of Commerce...After that you will surely contact us. 

I am looking forward to seeing you,

Davorka Budimir Turković, CE